Dearly beloved,


Many moons ago, I moved into a rural Japanese apartment, occupied over the years by foregoing expats and featuring cupboards upon cupboards of collected treasures.

On one particularly exploratory afternoon, I stumbled upon a beautifully preserved set of clergy robes which I promptly tried on for size. My sister, who unbeknownst to me, was very recently engaged, saw a photo and quizzed me on the possibility of officiating her wedding. I took on this challenge with feelings of excitement tinged with minor apprehension.


One year later, I married my sister. … wait… I married my sister to her husband.


The officiating of my sister’s wedding was deemed very pleasant to all those involved. Enough so, that in the months that followed, requests for my celebrant services began. They came in with enough flow and conviction that I decided to give the celebrant profession a serious go.

I'm now three seasons experienced and loving every moment of it.

I've hitched best mates and bodybuilders, worn clergy robes and jedi robes, and handled bee stings and brides with broken feet. 

Every wedding and every couple has taught me something new and I'm constantly reflecting upon how lucky I am to have stumbled into this profession. 

I enjoy celebrating the love and sharing the story of any two people from any two backgrounds.

 "Happy Anchor" is a nickname bestowed upon me by a young Israeli family.that I once took scuba diving. The father informed me that  "Hogan Gill" directly translated into Hebrew means "Anchor Happiness". Thus, I was dubbed "The Happy Anchor"

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