Wedding Ceremony Packages

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Everyone is after a different type of ceremony and I love to cater to every variation.


Whether it be something cute and quaint in the backyard, a meticulously managed masterpiece or anything in between!


Included in every package I offer:

  • An initial zero obligation meet-up (Information on legalities of a wedding, the services I offer and tips for the day)

  • Your wedding date firmly secured in my schedule  (I reserve the entire day for your ceremony)

  • Unlimited txt, phone chats and emails (These become a lot more frequent closer to the big day)

  • Advice and guidance on writing your personal vows

  • Access to my vast collection of wedding readings

  • Friendly and professional officiating of your wedding ceremony

  • Signing + submission of all legal documentation


The Elopement  

A short & sweet ceremony  

I created this ceremony after several requests from overseas couples eloping in New Zealand. The package is designed for smaller scale weddings or couples wishing to keep the ceremony short and snappy. I’ll provide you with a basic ceremony script that has a couple of wording options for each element of the ceremony. 


We would cover the legal requirements and try to centre the ceremony around your personally prepared vows. 
Additionally, I (or a loved one) can recite any number of readings/poems etc.


Without readings, this ceremony takes about 15 minutes total.

The Masterpiece  

A fully customisable DIY ceremony

With this package, I’ll provide you all the material and you piece together your perfect ceremony.


After an initial explanation, I'll send through a big ol' document that outlines all of the traditional segments of a wedding ceremony. Under each segment is a plethora of different script options (some sweet, some humourous, some traditional) You’ll go through and pick'n'mix the parts that you like and delete the rest.
You can of course edit any lines to make them more applicable to your relationship or write entire paragraphs yourself.  

Essentially, you’ll be creating the first draft of your ceremony.


After this, you'll return the document to me for piecing together, rearranging and polishing off. I’ll suggest parts that could be added, subtracted or reshuffled and we’ll chip away at it until it’s perfect. We’ll met up once again to run through the ceremony in its entirety.

I'll also coordinate any rehearsals and will arrive an hour or so before guests to help collaborate with any/all the photographers/DJs/MCs/other vendors to ensure a smooth and stress-free ceremony.

The Love Story

A personalised & unique ceremony

For this package I’ll be sharing your story, defining your relationship and telling your friends and family how much they mean to you.


I'll conduct both an in-person interview and a written questionnaire, gathering a heap of information on you and your relationship
Then I’ll use the information gathered to write and prepare a personalised ceremony from scratch, tailored exactly to you, adding as much humour, romance and/or lightheartedness as you please. 

I’ll write a story that runs over:

-What your friends and family mean to you (and how they’ve helped you get to the point you’re at)

-How/when you first meet (what did you first notice about them? What about them first made you smile?)

-Dating years (a funny anecdote or two, what’s a perfect date?)

-First years living together (what annoying habits did the notice? another anecdote or two)

-Proposal (how was it done? what was said/asked?)

-Your views on marriage (what does it mean to you? why have you decided to marry at this point in your lives?)

-Talk about your relationship (what makes it tick? what strengths do you each bring?)

-Your aspirations for the future (what do you want to achieve? what are you looking forward to most in married life?)


As with the Masterpiece package, I'd also be there to coordinate the rehearsal and will collaborate with all vendors on the big day.

Contact me to arrange a free and zero-obligation consultation

We can meet up for a coffee (or a beer..), chat over skype or just have a yarn on the phone.

"Hogan personalized our ceremony wording with wonderful intuition, receptiveness and attention to detail, choosing the perfect wording out of a mess of ideas we sent him around our ideas of what marriage meant to us."
Amy & Florian

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